Harness The Power Of The Sun

Turn Two Solar is a leader in the solar industry and your solar specialist. We provide high-quality solar installations and help maximize the total energy savings for your home or business. We put quality first to serve our customers.

Save Money, Go Solar!

Learn how to save money going solar and protect your wallet from rising electricity costs by generating your own clean energy.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Tired of paying high electric bills? Going solar can greatly reduce your electric bill, even completely eliminate it, saving you money over time.

Turn Two Solar is the leader in solar and renewable energy installation & maintenance. We provide professional, clean and quality solar installs for residential and commercial buildings. With over 30 years of collective experience, we are qualified to handle all your solar and renewable energy needs.

Benefits Of Going Solar

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Contribute to slowing the effects of global warming by reducing your carbon footprint

Clean Energy

Produce your own clean energy and reduce your dependency on your local utility company

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Reduce your electric bill significantly and protect yourself from rising electricity costs

Tax Incentives

Take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit for installing solar at your home or business

Tax Improve Environment

Do your part to help protect the environment by going green and switching to solar power

0% Down Financing

With O% down financing you can go solar without any upfront costs

5 Easy Steps To Going Solar


Custom Solar Quote

Speak with one of our solar sales specialists to create a custom solar proposal specific to your property. You will find out how much solar power your system will generate and your estimated energy savings which will either reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill.

  • Custom Solar Proposal
  • Calculate Estimated Solar Production
  • Calculate Total Savings

Financing (0% Down)

While presenting your custom solar proposal, your solar sales specialist will review with you the many available financing options to fit your needs. With a 0% down option, you can install your solar system with no out of pocket expenses.

  • 0% Down Payment
  • In-House Financing
  • 5 – 30 Year Terms Available


Once the solar proposal is signed and approved, we can move forward with obtaining the proper permits to start your solar installation. We take care of all permits and handle the process in-house from start to finish.

  • Handle Permits In-House
  • Take Care Of All Inspections
  • Open Communication Through The Process


After all permits have been approved, we can schedule your solar installation. Installations typically take 1-2 days to complete and are performed by qualified & experienced solar technicians. Once the installation is complete, we coordinate with your local electric company to connect you to the grid.

  • Professional Installation
  • Installation Completed In 1-2 Days
  • Best-Quality Service Guaranteed

Enjoy Solar Saving

Once installed, you can start enjoying your new solar system. Moving forward, your electric bills will reflect the reduced amount from the offset of your solar system. You will also be able to monitor your solar system from the convenience of your smart phone.

  • Enjoy Your Reduced Electric Bill
  • Produce Your Own Clean Energy
  • Monitor Your Solar System

Hear From Our Clients

“Getting solar on my house has been a great investment, my electric bill went from over $260 dollars a month to just under $30 a month just by switching to solar.”

Sara Miller

“I really wanted solar but my roof was old and I had to replace my roof so it didn’t cost more down the line. I was able to finance both the roof and solar panels with $0 down and still save money on my bill.”

Hugh Clark

“Turn Two Solar was not only able to install solar but also help me upgrade my AC for more efficiency and add a charging station for my electric car all with $0 down.”

Nicole Edwards

“As an investor I purchase properties that I plan to buy and sell, after a recent purchase I decided to add solar panels which increased the value substantially and allowed me to sell the home in record time.”

Jeremy Lewis